Artful, nature inspired
floral design for weddings and events.

Whether you're planning an intimate celebration for two or an epic bash for two hundred, we believe that floral design is a medium that allows for authentic storytelling, elevating your special day in a unique and memorable way. Our approach seamlessly melds organic elements in a  timeless, artful, and modern way. 

an alaskan-based floral design studio

Committed to narrating your unique story with flowers.

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Honeybloom is committed to operating with our planet’s best interest in mind. We source our blooms as locally as possible, collaborating with local & regional farmers to reduce the carbon footprint caused by flying flowers across the world. Whenever possible, we compost our green waste and re-use mechanics rather than sending them to the landfill. We are committed to being “foam-free,” as research has shown that traditional floral foam is riddled with toxic chemicals that degrade into microplastics that damage our fragile Alaskan waterways. 

Furthermore, we acknowledge and look to the the original and rightful owners of this land (specifically within the Anchorage area, the Dena’ina Peoples), for their stewardship and care since time immemorial. We are humbled and grateful to live and grow here, and are committed to working in solidarity towards a future where Indigenous stewardship and political authority is re-established. 

Our Values


Nothing lights a fire in our souls more than when we hear the words “I’ve never seen this done before, but…” 

These are our favorite types of projects to work on: the unique, the creative, the original. Whether we’re working with an off-the-wall color story or are MacGyvering a new installation mechanic for some gravity-defying florals, we're fans of balancing tried-and-true technique with a healthy dose of dreaming and scheming. We believe play is an integral part of art, and we thrive in environments where we get to challenge ourselves to stretch and grow in bringing your vision to life. 

Our hope is that each and every design comes out bold, imaginative, and innovative. You deserve nothing less.

Our Values


While we obviously love a good creative challenge, we also believe that ingenuity should be balanced by timeless aesthetic. Floral design can be both bold and new, while also aging well in photos for years to come.

Pinterest can often be a great place to go for initial inspiration, but we frequently hear from clients that they end up feeling lost in the black hole of overdone trends that don’t actually speak to who they are. That’s where we come in! 

As experienced designers, we love working alongside our clients to dig in deep and expand upon your vision so that your essence is captured and distilled in the form of flowers. We firmly believe that when your flowers reflect your unique story, they will be treasured by guests and captured in images to be remembered & enjoyed for years to come.

Our Values


It’s often difficult for those unfamiliar with flowers to even know where to begin. As experts in the field, we hope to make this process easy, judgement-free, and joy-filled from inquiry to execution. 

We prioritize intentional communication and genuine care. We’re deft at navigating conversations with tenderness and integrity. Above all, we strive to show up each and every day with kindness and compassion. We hope that throughout your time working with us — whether you’re a couple, a fellow vendor, or a guest — you feel as though you’ve gained a friend in us. 

Building on this, we deeply believe that every human being is deserving of dignity and respect. We value the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences our clients carry with them, and look forward to working with you to highlight those narratives that are dearest to you.

Our Values


In a world often defined by scarcity, we believe in the abundance life has to offer. How does this translate into floral design, you ask? 

When it comes to being part of a creative community, we believe knowledge is meant to be shared. We’ve bought into the idea that collaboration is key, that beginners and experts have much to learn from each other, and that no single creative holds the rights to “great art.” Facilitating workshops, being a part of community events, and supporting other small businesses as they grow and evolve are all deeply important to us. 

We also understand that Honeybloom is part of a larger, interconnected community, both here in Anchorage area and beyond. We’re committed to supporting causes and programs we believe in through annual donations and volunteer work.

Our Values


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"Our florals were even better than I could have imagined. I can tell that so much love and detail went into things. Each and every arrangement was well thought out, even down to the bud vases. We loved that she created a vision board  for us during the booking process — it gave us something tangible to look forward to. Melissa is kind, genuine, and oh-so talented. She's a top tier florist and you won’t regret entrusting her with your vision!"

— HALEY & Dwayne, 2023 COuple

"Melissa’s creativity, ability to source and incorporate unique blooms, and her eye for beauty easily makes her the best florist in Alaska. We had a wedding in a rugged location and she was totally down for the adventure! She transformed a grassy and wooded area with the most gorgeous selection of flowers sourced locally and from the highest quality farms. I still hear from wedding guests how blown away they were by the florals."

— Liz & Zac, 2021 COUPLE

"Melissa was incredible to work with! She is communicative, kind, and intentional in her work. You can tell she not only has a talent for creating beautiful floral designs, but a talent for knowing how to perfectly tailor those designs to the couple. She truly wants to get to know who you and your partner are and honor your relationship with her florals. I would recommend Melissa again and again and again."

— katie & Adam, 2023 COUPLE

“[Melissa] has a beautiful eye for flower composition and an extraordinary attention to detail. I was also struck by her compassion and warmth, which in the chaos of wedding planning was an unexpected surprise. While I suspect we were one of her smaller clients, she still invested great care and attention to making sure our flowers were magical. I felt like every single stem was infused with love."

— Molly & Jake, 2022 COuple


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