Meet Melissa, Owner & Lead Designer

From an early age, I could often be found knee deep in mud and weeds. I spent my most memorable childhood summers exploring the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, gathering treasures under the shade of the oaks on my abuelita’s ranch or wandering through her rose garden with chickens in tow. I’ve always held close the simple beauty and romance of our lived experience with nature: the way light filters through the trees and plays against one’s skin as you lay underneath in the grass; the thrill of cold water and unyielding stones chilling your feet as you wade upstream; or the sparkle that blankets a meadow of grass as each strand holds bright sunlight after the first frost of the year. This is the magic I hope to capture when I work with florals.

A florist who understands how flowers look in the wild and captures that in a vase.

When I moved north to Alaska, my love for the natural world grew deeper still. I found myself out foraging food and flowers on Juneau’s endless trails, returning home with basketfuls of lupine, fireweed, fern, and fritillaria. Designing floral vignettes for friends offered both the opportunity to study nature up-close, but served as a creative outlet as I balanced a career working in nonprofits. I made the jump into formal floral design six years ago and haven't looked back since!

My love of florals is obviously rooted in their organic nature, but I’m also fascinated by their ability to transform some of life's most special and intimate moments through the unique stories they tell when curated with thought, intention, and precision. I believe that flowers are a deeply emotive medium, connecting us across time and distance; capturing not only my creativity, but also the vision and the sentiments you hope to convey.

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"Honeybloom" is a nod to both my own name and my love of flowers. In Ancient Greek, μέλισσα or "Melissa" translates to “honeybee.” I'd like to think that I was fated for a life buzzing around bucketfuls of blooms.

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I eloped! And had a intimate celebration with friends and family a year later. While I never would have imagined an elopement for my own nuptials, global pandemic had a different plan for me and my partner. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. Our private vows were so special, and made us cherish our community celebration even more.

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When my hands aren't busy with flowers, I love to go on walks with my miniature schnauzer, cook homemade meals to gather friends & family around our table, and visit Fire Island bakery for their to-die-for scones.

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If I had to describe my floral style using fashion as inspiration, I think my designs would be french girl chic meets 70's retro meets cottage core vibes.

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I've traveled a fair share over the years, but would love to explore France and Italy, as well as the Philippines & Turkey. 
Countries I've traveled to previously include: Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, the UK, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Fiji, and Tonga.

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A few fun facts:

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"There simply are not enough words to express how much we enjoyed working with Melissa for our wedding florals. From day one, she went above and beyond to get to know my husband and I's story so that she was sure to create the most perfect moment for us on our wedding day. She went above and beyond our expectations, and I cannot recommend working with her enough. Truly she was our most favorite vendor to work with."

- Blake & Spencer, 2022 COuple

"Our flowers were unbelievable, more perfect than I ever could have expected. Not only was I thrilled with the day-of result, but working with Melissa was such a joy. She is so thoughtful & kind and puts so much love into her work. I would use Honeybloom for every floral need in the future, I am so impressed & grateful! I cannot recommend Honeybloom enough."

- Haley & Brayton, 2022 COuple

Melissa was kind, patient, passionate, and easy to communicate with. She quickly created a proposal for us, listened to our revisions and desires and created florals for our wedding based on those conversations . [Our flowers] were more beautiful and more specific to us than I could have imagined. She really heard us and melded our vision with hers for a truly beautiful result. We couldn't be happier!”

- lisa & dylan, 2022 COuple



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